Kezia has been writing music from a very young age. Experimenting with songwriting since her early school days, she has developed her style, drawing on several influences.

Being from a large musical family , with roots in Irish music, Kezia was surrounded by folk, Irish and country music from a young age. Experimenting with these different styles helped shape the way she writes, and even now, throughout her country music, you can hear nods to the genres that influenced her as a child.



Its taken Kezia several years, and several attempts to get her album produced, and now its finally here, you can download it from all major online platforms, as well as hear her perform her songs live at any of her many live shows.


" I only ever write about things I understand, because I believe music should be real, and lyrics should be true. I've written about heartbreak, because I've felt it, Ive written about love, because I've felt it. I've not written about riding a horse through a ranch , or swigging beer from a tailgate, because I haven't.. yet!


I write stories about times and emotions. Its the biggest compliment when someone tells me they can relate to my songs. That means I've been true, which is the number one factor in my music. Music is my life, and my life feeds my music.xxx "


kezia tours all over the UK performing at both designated Country Music clubs, and acoustic nights where she plays covers from all genres.


At her shows, you will hear Kezia perform her original songs, so to find out when she's playing a venue near you, just check out the Diary.

As well as performing her own music, Kezia performs a wide range of covers from all genres. Over the years, Kezia has performed at festivals, live music venues, as well as weddings, birthdays and celebrations.

For any booking enquiries, just get in touch via contact.

A Coldplay cover from the 'Kezia Sessions'

"Another cover from the 'Kezia Sessions. This one is featuring a cover from one of her biggest influences, Patsy Cline."

"One of my favourite performances from a few years ago when I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with my parents. Its not hard to see where the influences come from!"

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